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Happy Nurses Day to me :)
Very glad that I still manage to receive a couple of wishes for this special day. Though most were forced by me to say it. I appreciate that. I miss being in the career where there’s a special day for it. None of the other careers have I think. Wish they would have a Wedding Planner’s Day too. But I don’t think wedding planners are that noble to deserve a day for appreciation.

Back to office today & got busy. Jerine’s gone & I have to take her seat in dealing with all the miscellaneous stuff!

So currently, we are looking for:

– Gowns designer
– Graphic designer
– web page designer
– Sales coordinator

Yay but tmr is gonna my “Friday” already so I’m glad. Haven’t been off in two weeks! Most probably just gonna stay at home & finish up my file as well as all the other miscellaneous stuff. I have a cheque in my bag that I haven’t even have time to go bank it in! And considering how poor I am now, you can imagine how busy I must have been to not be able to go bank in money!

Ahhh. I really need to party soon. Really. Or I’m gonna lose my head.

Oh guess what. I lost my tweezer, & I had to use my scissors to trim my brows!! Can you imagine!! Omg.

Today my sister talked to me. So maybe we’ll be good again soon. It’s the longest cold-war we’ve ever had. Few months!

Though I’m not that tired, I’m just gonna sleep. You can never have too much sleep. I miss watching movie, going on dates, going Playnation, going Orchard. Not that I don’t have no life now [unwilling to admit], I have a life for different focus. I can’t believe I’m actually fighting for a dream. Never thought that I would ever have a chance to immerse myself in such massive ambitious mission :)

I’m gonna sleep. I’m gonna sleep. Happy Nurses Day. We may not be considered a profession to the society, God knows what miracle we’ve been creating :)

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