Aren’t We The Same?

Location: Bed
Time: 10.34pm

I think today is the earliest I’ve been home. I’m so busy working that I don’t even remember that today is a Friday until I see all the “TGIF!!” status on FB.  Thanks for reminding me that it’s Friday yet I can’t party. Aww. Need to party up real nice soon. I deserve it for working so hard okay!


Stayed in office the entire day today. Had a baby photoshoot in the morning [soooo cute you cannot imagine!], had to spend the entire time trying to make her smile so my photography can capture it. Ugh. Me and the mommy really looked like desperate failed clowns. But the results were quite good. And I ended up smelling like baby the whole day :)

And then another appointment for gown fitting in the afternoon. Really getting used to wearing gown for the brides. Much harder than wearing baju for my stroke patients!


Just got to know that one of my hatest senior is my previous workplace is quitting. And everybody is like “I’ll miss you!” etc etc which just piss me off because EVERYBODY HATES HER yet all acting like she is so precious. Disgusting. I’m so glad that she left but why after me? Why not before me?

Still thinking of a good and straight forward reason why I decide to quit nursing. And while bathing, I’ve thought of the perfect answer to that.

“I’ve done my part for the society, helping people, making their life better. Now it’s time to help my life and make my life better”

Doesn’t it sound awesome?!


“I need a job where everything you do doesn’t involve a life of a person.”

Both of which are actually the strongest reason why I quit nursing. Well, also how unappreciated nurses are. And how we are not even considered professional.

Actually, I do realise that I am getting a little too defensive about why I quit nursing. But I just wanna prove my point and I am very sensitive about “quitting a noble job to join a superficial job” because I hate superficial job [i.e: serving coffee, tea or me on air-planes] and I swear to myself that whatever I do in my life should never be superficial. And in the past I could proudly say that I am a life-saving-device and that my job is so noble etc etc. But now I don’t have the rights to say that anymore and I am getting a little insecure on whether I am indeed joining a superficial industry. Okay it sounds complicated and I’m just rambling on and on.

The truth is just that I don’t wanna be viewed as superficial and I wanna be better than the superficial people.


ANYWAY, I’ll be back at Expo tomorrow and I’m damn freaking out because Jerine just told me that Expo is  a very very ‘dirty’ place and it is the very reason why we need to cover up our mannequins’ head at night before we go off. Very freaky and really very scary. Damn. And everybody is like making a big fuss about why the exhibitor created an exhibition that will clash with the Hungry Ghost Festival because it’s a well-known fact in the industry that Expo is very very haunted.

And I was like THEN WHY DID WE TAKE THIS EXHIBITION! Well apparently it’s my big boss’s idea. So all of us have no say. Just hope that the designers will stick with us till the end of the exhibition. If not it’s really lonely. Do you know that the entire Expo doesn’t have any exhibition this weekend except ours [and maybe John Little if they havent run off]? It’s such an obvious sign that it’s haunted!!! OMG :(

Hate going to new places and then hearing about the ghost stories. I was so immune to the stories in the theatres already that I’m not quite bothered. But now, this industry is apparently very very superstitious. My photographer don’t even wanna take outdoor shoots for the entire 7th month. And my bosses are gonna burn the incense paper tomorrow and gonna burn a lot.

Everybody so kan chiong make me kan chiong also! :(


Just be careful whatever you say or do this month alright peeps? And look out when walking! Don’t take short-cuts especially those driving!

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