The Unfortunate Coincident

Location: Bed

Today’s supposed to be a happy entry. However, found out something that disgust me from FB. Some super coincidental thing. Eeeeeek.

Alright. Today’s Mr R’s birthday! He is 28. 2 years away from big 30. Makes me feel like I’m actually dating an old mature man. But he is not. He is far from it. He is still as kiddish as an 18 year old. Anyway, it’s his birthday, the 5th birthday that we’re celebrating together.

I’ve of course finished up my scarf & had given it to him on Sunday. Super proud of myself. The 2nd piece actually is got 2 different patterns on each side. & it’s almost with zero mistake. Very satisfied. The color is good too, milky white. He was shock & speechless when he receive because well, he wasn’t expecting that.

Hate that Hungry Ghost Festival is coming. Btw, does anyone know what’s the chinese name for Hungry Ghost Festival? Please tell me! [P.S: Answers like “鬼节” or “七月” need not try]

My colleague just told me the real reason behind why do we have to cover the mannequin’s head when we go home. Totally freak me out & totally goosebump all over :(

I’m working tomorrow despite being my off day. I volunteered! This is something that you will never ever get from me ever. Hoping to get my replacement the week after next :)

Kk nighty night.


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