End of HP

Location: Train station

Big sigh. Big big sigh. Can’t believe HP is over. Nothing to look forward to anymore. The character that has accompanied us for our entire teenage years. I guess it’s almost time. 10 years :(

I promise myself that I’m gonna read from book 1 all the way to the last book again soon. And after that, I will watch all the movies too. Very sad.

Anyway, it’s my off day today. Did my homework. So glad to say that I’m done with the Chinese weddings. Just chinese though. I still have Malay wedding, Indian wedding, Church wedding , all the hotels & also all the outdoor venues. It’s very shagging :(

It’s like I’m taking a new diploma. Boohoo.

*Okay I’m in the train now & I saw someone from tpss sitting right in front of me. I’m trying to not look up so he will not know that I saw him & thus, I do not have to create small talks with him. Hint: He’s from 4E3 [I think].

Very happy that Mr R bought 2 huge packets of my favourite cookies from Sidney. I used to buy that all the time from CGH’s pharmacy but for some unknown stupid reason, SG stopped importing them :(

Working tomorrow. Will be at the office again. Come visit! Bring bubble tea at around 5pm, that’s my bubble tea craving period.

By the way, I’m gaining weight like nobody’s business. I think it’s like a new lifestyle thing that why.

When I was in the theatre, food is so rare & hard to get. I had to change my scrubs into my home clothes & then change my shoes too, & then go down to the dumbass foodcourt where there’s like so limited choice. When I’m back, I need to change all again before I can finally go into the pantry to eat. All the to be done within 45mins. How is that enjoyable?

But now! I have so many choices! & I can eat anything I want, anytime! Oh my God. I’m eating almost every minute. & doesn’t help that my colleagues are all big eaters too.

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