One Yarn Down!

Location: Bed

Yay! Managed to finish 1 yarn just within 4 days. I think I should be able to finish it soon :) I’m positive.

But I’m dead beat. Sucks to be sitting on my bed & knitting it for 1.5hrs contiunously staring at it with repeated hands movements right after a 11hrs work day.

Yup I OT-ed today. All of us did. Night photoshoot ended late. A couple [with entire family] stayed late just for photo-editting. & us, the data-girls, stayed on just to complete the data entry. I’m done! So happy.

Tmr is Tuesday, the official “Friday”!! Gonna catch Harry Potter with the girls after work. Gonna wear my favourite blue skirt with the mini can-can.

Just learned how to dress my mannequins today. Omfg. It’s damn difficult la. You know the damn can-cans [2 layers of it fyi] are like damn heavy. On top of that, the gown itself came with another round of can-can. So a total of 3 can-cans! And fyi, an average bridal gown weighs about 10kg [inclusive of all the can-cans la]. You better train before you decide to get marry. Lol.

Sucks to say, I’ve got roadshow again this weekend. Expo again. But good news is, this time it’s a furniturn show. Not malay fair anymore. So no more walking-ramli-burger.

And we have another show in Tampines 1 the week after next. And then will be the Tanjong Katong Complex show for the malay festive season. God I hate shows.

Oh & Hungry Ghost Festival is starting end of July :( I’m scared. Boohoo.

Anyway, gonna sleep now.

Good night,

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