Just finish another book. I’ve been having so many “reading-days” now that my workplace is so near to the National Library. Awesome. But this book that I’ve just finish is not from the library. It’s from a friend. It’s an awesome book. Everybody should read it so as to appreciate life more, much more. It’s about the Cambodia war, and how the author survive the war. She was only 5 when it started. How the war killed her parents, siblings & friends. How the family had to separate, and how a 6 year old manage to survive a war. It’s a rather sad book, but at the end, she survived. It’s a very inspirational book. Telling us that there are much more problems in this world, much more important than what to wear tomorrow, or that expensive bag you’re aiming for. I guess I’m not young anymore, I should really start to think of doing something for the society. Really start. I’ve always just talk, donate money, and nothing else. Hope this book keeps my inspirations alive for a long time.


You know what they say, a friend in need, is a friend indeed. You will know who are truly your best friends during a storm. People who genuinely care for you, really want you to recover, really being there for you.

Storms aren’t just unfortunate occurrence. There’s always something good coming out of every misfortune. A lesson learnt, a friendship, etc. But you’ll only know when you come out of it.


Tomorrow is the second week of my new workplace. So far, I’m loving it. Maybe because it’s new & refreshing. I really hope I won’t actually grow tired or bored of it. Tomorrow & the day after is for orientation. Boring stuff where you sit in an auditorium listening to speeches, presentations, slides telling you what’s the mission/vision of the company. Seriously boring. I’m so gonna doze off. And worse! I’ll be alone! Boohoo.

After working in CGH for 3 years, I still failed to remember their mission/vision. Sigh. I’m seriously a bad bad employee.

Okay I’m gonna sleep now. Hope everyone is cool about the GE’s results yesterday. I’m sad for George Yeo but I’m sure God has better plans for him. I’m sure. He is talented, outstanding, and really managed the failing well. Just waiting for LKY to open up a better position for him. I wouldn’t worry too much as I’m confident that LKY knows his workers well and will never let talent go to waste.

However, seeing the results yesterday, made me really wish that I won’t be around living in SG anymore for the next election. I don’t wanna see PAP going down. I don’t wanna be involve in it. I’m scared and as a coward, I should runaway. I don’t wanna see the fall of this tiny country. Not that I don’t have confidence in the opposition, just that I don’t have the guts.

Alright, that will be my last comments about the GE. Good night peeps. Have a great day tomorrow.

P.S: forgot the mention that the book’s title is “First They Killed My Father” by Loung Ung.

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