I’m Into You

Ahhh! Finally! End of my holidays! End of my lazy days! End of my first chapter! End of my draggy days!!

Tomorrow will be the first day of my work at my new work place. I’m feeling a little nervous, a little anxious, a little excited and definitely having many butterflies in my tummy. In a good way.

And I’m definitely gonna have trouble slping tonight. Seeing how I napped for 2 whole hours this afternoon! Wrong move.

Just bun up my long hair for a preview of how I’m gonna look like tomorrow. Gasp. Really hating the bunning. My hair is so thick & heavy. I’m gonna have headache if it is bun for the whole day. Gosh. But I’m loving the fact that I won’t need to wear a cap anymore!! Yay!

And I’m feeling very very apprehensive about wearing my uniform tomorrow. It just makes me feel very very self-conscious when I wear my uniform. I feel wrong. Like it’s some social taboo. Ugh. I forgot how I used to wear my uniform everyday. Even to town for shopping. Gosh. Now I’m so used to hiding my “life-saver” identity among the crowd of normal people that I feel strange being high-lighted again. Whahahaha. “Life-saver” identity. Loving that name. Or or, “life-saving-device”. That’s the famous name I use against stupid superficial bimbotic SQ girls. Being a device makes me feel better about myself. What’s more, I’m a LIFE-SAVING-device. They are just waitress.

I’m side-tracking.

“Let me be a super-hero baby..”

I am and I will be.

Okay I gotta go take a slping pill or something to make me sleepy. Super nervous can!

Wish me alllllll the besttttt for tomorrow.

Oh I totally forgot about how I’m gonna be lonely tomorrow. Having lunch alone :( Sucks.

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