Just a short post.

Just wanna say, good night my world.

Now I’m beginning to feel sad about leaving my work place. I think I might cry during my last day. Sobs. I’m gonna miss working with all my dear colleagues. It’s so sad to be leaving a place where you’ve worked for 3 years & know everybody so well. Sob sob. Seriously, I’m sad.

But I also know that there’s never a party that wouldn’t end. It is inevitable for me to leave this place. There are so many opportunities out there, so many more things for me to learn & to see. I can’t stay here forever. There will definitely be a day where I need to go. Even if I don’t, other people will.

Sigh. Didn’t expect that I’ll feel sad. I had hate this place so the past 2 years. Now then I start to feel the attachment I have for this place. Sigh.

Well, this is what we do right. The only thing that’s constant, is change. Human move on & on all the time. We just need to get used to it. Just need to embrace changes. Don’t linger in the past, or linger around emotions. There’s no positivity in those area. Only by moving forward, do we get the tiny glimpse of light. There is no happiness staying put. This is life. Embrace changes. You can’t hide from them. You can’t.

Okay good night my little people. Remember, embrace changes, then, you’ll get to absorb the positivity that’s been waiting for you.

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