HUAT AH! Gong xi gong xi. Happy Chinese new year all my readers :)

All I want this year, is to be truly happy & satisfied inside out. I wanna attain this level of life, where I want no superficial needs, & the happiness I get, is from inside out, none of those superficial stuff. Yes I truly want that. Please give me a good rabbit year. I need that very much. Really, just be sincerely happy. Work wise, love wise, personal life wise, family wise.

I’m gonna sleep now cus tmr need to wake up rather early for visiting. Only one place to go to. I’m excited. I’ve always been excited about cny. All the happiness in the air, festive spirit, family reunions, etc. I love that!

So, rabbit, give me a good year. Nothing extraordinary, just a good year in general. I must not be greedy. Just a good year in general will do. I’m at my lowest point, begging for something good to come along. So I’m as humble as a beggar. Anything, as long as it’s a good news, that could make me be happy for quite some time.

Okay good night everyone :)

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