Peace Treaty

I am having a bad time currently. I know cny is just tomorrow, but can’t help. Something happened and so here I am, a lot of private posts for my emo-ness.


I had enough of being sad. I’ve been sad all the way throughout all the festive season, christmas, new year, and now cny. I can’t do this because I used to be a cheerful happy girl. I am happy with myself, I am happy having nothing, I’m just happy. But now many things have changed. Many people came and went, many events took place, many words said. Too many that I just can’t ignore and continue to be that happy girl. But now I’m sick of it already. Sick of being emo. I know I can’t do much about it, but I can at least try. I haven’t been trying, and have been allowing myself to absorb away all the unhappiness that came with the events. Staying put, not doing anything. I’m freaking mad. How could I allow myself to wallow into sadness once again just because of something that happened? I know I have way too much emotions, way too much time on my hand to keep brooding over the same matter over and over again. But hey, that’s it, I had enough. From now on I’m gonna be the same girl I used to be. May not be successful, but at least I’m trying and I’m fighting against it.


So, tomorrow is cny. Today is the eve of cny, meaning there will be reunion dinner tonight with my cousins. Hate them. But, it’s reunion dinner. Gonna go do my eyelash later, and also my toe nails later. I hope I can get it done. Can’t stand the sight of my ugly toes and eyelash. Damn disgusting. And guess what, it’s raining again. Please don’t rain tomorrow. Damn it. I don’t wanna get drenched. And I did not buy any new year clothes. All of them suck. Went around town to look for it and they suck like never suck before. So I’m just gonna wear something that I already have and wore before. Not good luck. But I’m broke too.


Okay I’m really bored. I’m gonna go.

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