Felt much better after talking to people of similar fate. Guess I’m not the only one, and I’m not the worst.

Last night, had the intention to read to sleep. But was rudely interrupted by this mag. That was the mag that kept me staring for hours while waiting for bus at the bus-stop. That was the mag that made me drool. That was the mag that made me wanna eat paper. That was the mag that made me smile sillily to myself ignoring strangers’ opinions of the crazy me!

So I end up reading it till I fall asleep. And promised myself to cut out the front page soon.

I have a great weekend ahead and I know that. Supposed to be working, but changed to Saturday Morning shift and then claimed it off as I have hard-workingly earned my 7 hours of over-time. Was really planning to take MC but thought it would be a waste. And I really can’t work at this kind of period, so decided shall use my over-time.

A friend of mine got pregnant and have been in and out of hospital ever since. So a senior colleague warned me that “You should take care of your youth while you’re young before you get pregnant, or you might end up like that. Avoid those ‘cold’ food if you can!”. And so! As of today, I shall be a very healthy eater for the sake of my future babiesss! But just had a KFC dinner. But whatever! As of tomorrow then!

I accidentally deleted all the default tones of my bb. And now, whatever notifications that I receive, I’ll only get a ‘bong bong bong’ lousy boring ring tone. I hate it. Now my bb is imperfect. Why did I delete everything in the sample file? Why why why? Ugh.

Ok gotta go lead my boring life now. Kill me maybe that’ll make it more interesting.

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