The Noise

I cannot understand why why why must people keep on spouting their opinions all over the world. Why? When I didn’t ask. I didn’t ask. Maybe my fatness has become an eyesore for you that its impossible for you to keep your mouth shut. Oh then I shall apologise on behalf of my own fats.

But fuckers, there’re like a billion of disgusting things that I would love to say it to your face but I did not. Because I’m a very well-mannered girl. And I believe that it is never right to speak out a ugly truth when it is not asked for. But you know what, maybe I should fuck manners and just do what everybody is doing, huh? Maybe that would make my world a better place.

Hate you fuckers. I’m not angry, I’m just simply amused by these fuckers. How can they soooo rude yet ignorant of the damages they’re doing to a human being. I’m not hurt. I always believe that if I feel right, if I feel confident, if I feel sexy, then it is alright even if the weighing scale says otherwise. So I don’t care if you think I’m fat. I don’t care. Sorry to say I’m not one depressive sad little anorexic stick. I’m a happy chubby cheerful normal girl.

And well, I’m very very confident about myself, like 80% of the time. Maybe 10% goes to the pms, another 5% goes to bloatedness, the less 5% goes to you fuckers who like to spoil my day.

So please fuck off. Don’t make me kill you you horrible creatures.

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