Across The Air

Great news. Found a new way to blog. Or else I’ll still be stuck with the sucky WordPress App.

Today is Wednesday. And yay! Just left with Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, to my break! Can’t wait. I anticipated some form of post-holiday blues but what can I do right?

Almost all done. Except for planning the ‘To-Bring List’ and packing up. Ooh and got to go waxing (!!!), pedicure, manicure and colour my hair! I know its only a small trip and its only 5 days 4 nights, but I still wanna look good! I always always regret not being prettier when I came back from trip and look through the pictures! So, I have to look good.

I guess I’m so excited because I’m falling in love with travelling. Never used to be like that. Hates travelling when I was young. But now, getting abroad is all I can ever think of! Its just the nice feeling of being in a place where you don’t know anybody (kind of scary though) and you don’t need to worry about your work, your life, your stress back here. Its like an escape. And that’s what I want. An escape!

Anyway, going clubbing this Saturday. Really want to enjoy myself this leave. My next leave will be like 4 months away:(

So, till next time then.

PS: I think I’ll be blogging so often because I need to spread my excitement as it comes nearer!

PPS: had some problem with the baggage thing. Hopefully the officer will be lenient on me!

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