Why why why? Why am I ALWAYS always always stuck in situations where I always have to do things that I don’t wanna do but yet have to do.

Caught in the middle. Always. Why? Why? Why? I hate it hate it hate it! Why must I force myself to be in this position! Why must this kinda shit happen to me? Am I too weak to reject that’s why I always end up in this dilemma situation? Is it?

Am I such an unfilial daughter! Am I? Am I considered unfilial if I really don’t go? Who’s to decide? Who’s to say who is in the wrong? Why am I so weak that I can never learn to say no? And why when I say no I’ll die of the guilt in me? Why am I such a wuss! I hate it. I hate myself for being such a stupid weakling.

What am I gonna do. What what what. What am I gonna do. Am I gonna follow what I want or to turn into what’s ‘socially right’? Will I be punish in the future becus what I wanna do is ‘wrong’?

What am I, really? What the hell am I? Who is this weak lousy person here. Seriously. Do I even have a say in my own life on what I wanna do and what I don’t? Am I a bad person?

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