Old Dogs

You know I’ve thought of one thousand and one ways to react and scream back on that day. But somehow, I know that I’ll end up backing off and nod my cowardly head and retreat back to basecamp.

Oh God I can’t let that happen! My new found number one resolution for this year will be to stand up and fight for myself! When did I become such a coward?! I always thought that I’m some super ah lian! Since when have I become such a mousey! I’m ashamed of myself! I will not let that happen again.

This year, I’ll be a damn brave girl. And I’m serious about this. I will:

1) Not let stupid kiasu aunties cut my queue anymore!!!
2) Not say sorry for anything that I’m not in fault!
3) Not be pai sei and be super thick skin
4) Not be a push-over anymore
5) Not let anyone order me around!
6) Not let anyone take advantage of me again!

But well, you know I always felt that this is a good point about me. That I’m good, I’m not calculative, I let people do their way just to avoid any quarrels, that I am flexible, not stubborn-must-have-it-my-way, gentle etc etc..

But seems like I’m wrong. Seems like in this current world, being nice just sucks. Being nice just means that u are a cuckoo dog. I don’t need to suffer in silence you know. Well I don’t need to scream back at anyone who orders me around, I just need to let them know my limits.

So. This might be a new me soon! I might be fierce! What’s the worst that could happen right?

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