i was born the youngest in my family. but i nv think i behave like one. i always think im assuming the role of the big sister (which i really am) until yesterday did i realise that im just really the youngest baby in the family.

it took me so long to realise that my roof is collapsing. that i should expect that one day when i look up, i will see the sky the rain falling on me. guess it has been months. but i was just living in my la-la land.

life is too tough and im too young. i can’t handle some thing this tough. im barely 21. but now is not the time to be the baby. because if i fall, i know no arms will be there to hold me. there’s no one for me to depend on now. and in fact, im the one being depend on for support.

i feel that im so young. i can’t do it. im barely there. how can i handle such crisis. how can they put such burden such responsibility on me. yet i can’t runaway.

there was once when i told someone who wanted to runaway with me that im not like others, i have nothing to runaway from. i have a good family i have no worries. but now, the only thing in my mind is to runaway. it may be selfish of me, but honestly, selfish everyone is. including them.

my sister remained calm throughout. maybe she is old enough. maybe two years down the road and i would have react the same. or maybe she simply doesn’t care.

anyway, my roof is collapsing.

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