omg can hardly catch my breath now! finally after much anticipation and disappointments, i’ve booked my virgin trip to melbourne. can hardly wait man. but its in oct. like.. 4 mths away and i have no idea why am i so excited now.

guess i should start being excited in like sep or what.

anyway, i don’t feel like working already. im already on holiday mood:) oh whatever. cruel reality will just bring u back on earth. and make u go work like a slave everyday.

we’re all slaves of money. money is devil. and we’re all worshippers of it.

gees. i sound so satanic. anyway, today is monday is i skipped work by taking mom to see doctor. so my week is cut short by one day. i still have tue, wed, thu, fri, sat to go before my off day on sunday. typing it already make me feel tired. can hardly wait for my leave in end of june. though going nowhere cus of swine flu. but still will plan and make thigns happen! like a hotel stay or what. maybe a chalet? but its school holidays. and everywhere will be crowded with irritating know-nothing kids. can’t stand the sight of them. ignorant beings living carefreely using money without knowing where do money come from breathing air without knowing we’re facing global warming eating without knowing where will the food go. IGNORANT BEINGS! shd be banished from surface of the earth. fuck.

oh well. i talk too much sometimes.


motive of this entry is to show off that I AM GOING MELBOURNE IN OCT!!!

maybe many people have been there before. but im going with my own money own transport i even booked the ticket myself using my own card and deciding everything my own! im an adult!

my own money!




ooooh and btw, i only fly EMIRATES. how about that?



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