Everybody lied

at least 50 times in their lifes.

my most often lies are:

1) amount of money in my bank.

i always always always lie about it. always. because my bank is always always always lesser than expected to be. so i always always always lie to cover it to prevent jaw-drop incidents.

truth is: my current balance is $7.00. and im about a week away from payday.

2) my weight.

oh who doesn’t! atleast i never try to say im 45kg. i’ll just mumble something like  i don’t measure and am not sure how much i weigh.

truth is: oh you know i don’t weigh… i don’t.. not sure how much now… oh well..

3) my eyelashes

telling them that its real and that i use this special serum that makes it grow long. ordered the serum from a japanese online shop that cost $60 and able to last for 2 months. a very detailed and sounds-real story. but, i lied because of my job. so its a friendly lie to save my rice bowl.

truth: eyelash extension. lasting 4-6weeks. $20 each touch up.

4) my ‘o’ levels

telling them that i got a 14 for L1R4.

truth: oh well its partly right if you deduct my CCA ……..

5) my childhood ambition is to be a nurse

thats what i told everyone. so that they’ll think im so angelic. am gonna continue to say this!

truth: its true, but not since childhood. its since sec 1 when i kinda realise that i cannot make it (and true, i went to 3E5) that ive decided to take nursing. but i do love nursing and its something i’ll never regret and will do again in my next life!

6) i am a good french horn player

damn it. sucha lie. guess what, i lie through most of my parts in band. half blowing, half not blowing, half looking at eyecandy (*ex-bf’s best friend-guess who? LOL) half thinking about lunch half figuring out the notes half trying not to doze off half thinking about how tight my skirt is half trying to listen to my juniors so i can scold them later half looking and laughing at mr tan’s funny bear face half thinking about my then bf half trying to look pretty with blowing bong face half irritated by the loud trumpeters half thinking where to go after band half thinking i should rest because my lips are very tired half blah blah blah.

truth: im sucha good french horn player. im section leader excuse me!



ok i think i lie too little already cus thats all i can think of. so i think i should lie more and add to the list. hmmm.

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