my night shift is finally over! monday to thursday! just a repitition of everyday! sleep till 7pm, wake up bath eat and off to work at 9pm. till 7.30am, home bath sleep till 7pm, wake up bath eat and off to work at 9pm. till 7.30am, home bath sleep till 7pm, wake up bath eat and off to work………………………………………………..

im serious. i hvae no time for any other thing in my life. i can’t imagine why will anyone wants to do permanent night shift. are they having depression and social withdrawal or something? i can’t even surf net! usually we can if we have no case during the night. but sadly, we do have many cases at night. and its crazy i tell you. its gonna be a boring entry but i have to do it and spell out every word on every night. cus that makes me happy to know that those terrible nights are over!

Monday: we have a fair amount of cases to do. appendix abscesses all the normal cases and we finished all by 3am. happily thought that we can relax and maybe sleep a little now but guess what, we got a rushed in cranio at 3.30am. and the neuro on-call was the devil black botak. and i was forced to do the case because i ahve to learn. but i was the 2nd scrub so i thought it should be ok. however, both of us couldn’t manage because he is a super speedy surgeon and wants everything by second. and i was as good as useless shit so someone else has to scrub in that makes us 3 scrubbies all together. thats my first time seeing triple scrub. 

anyway case end at about 6am. so thats my terrible first night.

Tuesday: we have a lot of appendix. and did at slow pace. but that was it. appendix all the way till morning. i was thankful that its just appendix.

Wednesday: best night ever. only had one laparotomy. and it was an open, see look, wash, close.

Thursday: bad bad last night. had laparotomy, appendix, abscesses. blah blah. and ortho had two trauma which was carry over to the morning shift and they had like maybe 20 admissions? crazy but im glad its my last night.


ok. its over. and i got my very-deserving $160 for it :)


*very boring i know and maybe nobody understand wtf im talking about but still!

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