Life’s a bitch..

and nobody’s gonna object to it. the older u’r, the bitchier it gets. and there’s nothing you can do but to admit defeat and let it get bitchier. than ever.

ok. so im a 20 going on 21 female attached to my bf of 2(?) years working as a nurse in the operating theatre passing instruments to surgeons and life seems at ease with itself.

what else can i ask for?

except for the fact that im a little too temperamental, a little to materialistic, a little too superficial, a little too jealousy, a little too demanding, a little too much of every bad thing.

so there’s quite a lot to complain about.

life’s quite a bitch isn’t it.


i’ll be on night next week and shall expect some drastic mood swings as body can’t get used to the time change, and as will be having pms too. and will be working with indian bitch who will gimme hell. just as well..

most of the time, i wish that i am a nicer person. a more patient person. a more gracious person. so that the world can be more peaceful than it is right now.

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