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  • Instagram: @candeely

    Happy birthday to us and Mr LEE KY!! It's my baby niece's 2nd birthday today and my lunar birthday today and Mr Lee's 91st birthday today. What are the chances! You know great minds have the same birthdays. 😌#justsaying (niece is pek chek with me for always taking selfie) Happy bday my dearest little princess! You're 2! Love you so much 💕 My sick puppy 😔👶 Of red hair & the fab garden attached to our room🌿 We're one today. Thank you for all the love. @arence 💏 Celebrating Sis's hen's night tonight 💃 Mooncake shopping! I'm a happy girl, Orh-ni & durian here I come 🙋 Fun day at USS 💕 #happyweekend I saw Betty & I bought her home. #bettyboopcraze The strange reunion of beer & apple pie.
  • Twitter: @candeely


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