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  • Instagram: @candeely

    From the hands down, best manager in the world, for my one year anniversary. 
It has been an awesome year, full of ups & downs. Looking forward to more friendship, more laughter, more drinks, more TGIF, & more numbers! 
Thank you thank you & thank you 💕 The sea. The sunbathers. The local banana pancake. The happy faces. 
Summarizing our Railay trip in one picture🌴👫💖 BYE! #soooexcited #PLSPRAYFORSAFEFLIGHT!!! 🙏✈️👫 Since even before the first day of school in sec 1, to going thru the "jap" phase together, to taking O levels together, to going into nursing school together, to becoming a nurse together, to getting through heart breaks together, to getting horrible hairstyle together, to celebrating every birthday together, to today, celebrating you marrying the love of your life together. Happy blissful marriage my dearest sister @shrlyng Love you muah muah💖👭 All ready for tomorrow! #purpletheme #bridesmaids Su to the Shi🍣🐟 Engagement shower for my dearest best friend💕👭 Yummy dinner with my awesome comrades👅💦💕 This.Is.Covidien 👫👫👫#wefie! #loveeverybody Because good hair days are so hard to come by.
  • Twitter: @candeely


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