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    World Stroke Day! Take 2 minutes to learn about stroke, and tell 2 of your loved ones. #worldstrokeday #Take2ForStroke #take2tell2 #worldstrokeday2014 Team V! #worldstrokeday2014 #worldstrokeday #Take2ForStroke My long awaited present is here! 💕 yes this Wonder Woman reads too👓 Weekends are made of these. #weightgainingprogram #iloveweekend #moretocome #boontongkee #sengkeemeesua #localfoodies Never knew that watching a soccer match can be so exhilarating! Sharing the excitement with more than 51k peeps in the stadium. Super love my invincible Neymar! 💕 Greeted by this little creature this morning on my car. Say hi! As with all stayovers, here's our mcd breakfast. 🍳 Look at my superhero girlfriends! All so chio! 🌟 What an awesome night, love my girls max. Robin Hood & Wonder Woman to the rescue! What an awesome view! 😍
  • Twitter: @candeely


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